• Manchester Degree Show

    This was the second degree show that I went to, there was lots of interesting work at this show and I thought the work was all well presented, particularly compared to Glyndwr’s degree show. I thought the students here had experimented more, and it was obvious the university was more equipped to allow the students to experiment more. I found at the Manchester show, that the majority of the work was fine art, the show in total had 12 floors , and only one of the floors had Graphic Design work, although this was D&AD award winning work, so although there was not much to see of it, what I did get to see was definitely worth it. I took a lot of photographs at this show, this is actually only a small fraction.

    I thought the selection of work below was good. This was from a student who was doing a Foundation in Art and Design and she had recorded all of her little accidents and created some pieces out of material and created a book out of them. It definitely caught a lot of peoples attention.

    I really liked this little house made out of cardboard, and thought it was such a nice idea and definitely something different. Everything was literally made out of cardboard, and the seat was even made so you could sit on it. The lamp and clock also worked, definitely my favourite thing that I seen whilst at this show.