• Personal Brief

    We got the chance to explore our interests in Uni on Monday, this took a huge amount of my brain usuage. Most of us had decided that 'we no longer have time to have interests, beause we are given too much Uni work' Or this was what we told our lecturer anyway. But, we 'finally' came up with some ideas and just a couple of mine were my love for owls, music, writing, collecting clothes labels, eating food (an obvious one) and playing sports. Which I know longer do, because I have became lazy since starting Uni. After we had all put together a list of all of our interests, we then thought of things we would like to achieve and learn by the end of the year, before linking these two together and thinking of some personal projects that we would like to work on. I combined writing and owls together, and so far I have decided to do a project on the art of hand written letters. Although, I am yet to think of some more ideas, so hopefully I will come up with some new ideas and projects to work on. I am definitely looking forward to starting this module properly after Christmas.