• My New Years Resolutions

    I graduate from University this year and time has gone that fast, I still feel as though I am a first year, and for that matter design like one too. Tonight I have done some serious thinking, and this is just my list of resolutions for my time in Universtity let alone actual resolutions. I would be here all night writing that list and I think I long decided to just keep those resolutions for next year? I am sure cutting down on eating lots of junk food (mainly cakes and too many sweets) can wait a year. This is much more imporant.

    Re-do my whole portfolio (8-12 pieces)
    I literally have no work at all that I am proud of and I only want recent work and my final year projects within my portfolio. I am not happy with any of the work I produced throughout the whole of last year either, and of course first year and college work within my portfolio is a definite no. So this has infact left me with no other choice anyway...

    I want to feel as though I have achieved something as well as a degree through my time at University. My main focus is to concentrate on my portfolio and to have something I can be proud of, and worth showing. This is what will get us a job after all.
    Try to be more positive about my work
    This is probably one of the hardest things on this list (world) I need to gain confidence within my work, experiment and take more risks.
    Create a Unique Identity
    I have been meaning to do this for far too long now.
    Graduate from University

    Get accepted onto the Masters (MA Design)
    Get a proper website up and running and become a Freelance Designer alongside work and my Masters

    Here is to a busy 2012...