• Social Mail Blog Post #1

    My books arrived today, definitely still excited about this project. For one of my final major projects in University I have decided to look at the art of mail and begin a campaign where I would like to get people writing letters and sending mail again.
    With digital communication so prevalent in our daily lives, the art of handwritten letters and sending pieces of mail seems to have been forgotten about.  There is something more personal about receiving a handwritten letter, something an electronic message cannot compete with. I want to influence people to send mail, but also communicate a message about the environment and encourage them to use natural resources to do this.  I have so far researched into who still sends mail and other ways of communicating through mailing, other than handwritten letters, such as Postsecret.

    Something that had a major influence on my decisions was Craig Oldham’s Handwritten Letter Project, which I seen in an edition of Creative Review earlier in the summer. I want to send Craig a handwritten letter asking him about his project, and if possible get an interview with him.

    Including this project I am currently following Mary Kate McDevitt’s ‘Handwritten Letters’ project, where she has chosen 365 participants to write a letter every day to, she is currently on day 34. Check it out here www.365handwrittenletters.com
    I have so far looked at mailing the armed forces ‘An armed forces pen pal’ and what they use to communicate (presuming this was letters) which turned out to be emails, or over social networking sites. I then looked into Pen Pals, and whether this still happened, which again turned out to be over emails or a pen pal social networking site. I presumed either of these would be through handwritten letters, but to my surprise neither was. This led me to decide, this task was not going to be easy and to question whether my mission is to turn people completely away from emailing and social networking sites, and get them to send mail. Or to aim for something a little more realistic for this day and age and influence people to send mail as well as emailing and using social networking sites. Next, I intend to look at who uses social networking sites more, and question who my main target audience for my campaign is. I also want to look more into social and environmental issues. I still have a lot more to research, although to begin with I have just started off with the basics.

    I also intend to enter part of my project into the RSA awards ‘Social Mail’ for Royal Mail where they have asked for a set of stamp designs, with the intentions to influence someone to send a handwritten letter.  Therefore by this time, I will already have a set theme for these designs.