• Starlight Walk - Entyce Competition

    In order to capture the very essence of the starlight walk, and to at the same time promote the charity event in a creative way, I chose to set the theme based around a midnight moon lit street walk.
    I decided to keep the current identity colour ‘pink’ as this is a strongest identity for the Starlight Walk’s brand and is a highly recognisable colour throughout their brand. The colour is already used on their current promotional material and T-shirts and now only is pink a feminine colour, which denotes  the Starlight Walk is for women, but pink is also fun, exciting and full of high energy. The event is hugely popular and is already well recognised across participants of the event.
    The typography chosen is a soft, friendly typeface which invites new and existing participants to the charity event. I intentionally chose a typeface that does not shout for attention, but one that reads softly, showing care for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

    In order to avoid any clichés I avoided using stars within the logo design, demonstrating what the Starlight Walk is, through the use of the midnight moonlit landscape scenery, and having the words ‘Starlight’ in bold within the logo is attractive, and  brings emphasis  to the title of the charity event.
    The new logo design and size is versatile and can work well across all forms of media. This includes any promotional material such as posters, banners, T-shirts and will also easily work well on their website.

    The new website design now has a clearer navigation. In order to do this and make it more accessible and understandable; some of the links within the top tab bar have been cut down and the remaining context is now included on the homepage or below, where here there is an option to take part or volunteer.  The below take part and volunteer section remains within the same place throughout the website, making it easier for everyone to navigate around the website and using these options immediately.

    I have decided to redesign the Starlight Walk’s ‘About’ page for the lower level page. This now explains in detail what the charity event does and what it is for, as well as including a photograph of the charity walk, which will help the reader visualise the evening.