• Sugar?

    Nobody wants a sugar monster in the studio do they?
    I must admit, I do probably have more sugars in my cup of tea than I actually should? This goes back to when I worked at Wildfire Creative initially on placement, but then continued also throughout the summer. Here I was known as the ‘Sugar Monster’.  I must admit I have always found it embarrassing when people ask me how many sugars I have in my tea, or “how much tea in my sugar!”
    Now it is coming towards the end of my degree, and a time when we will all be starting our careers, I have decided I want to become a normal tea drinking person.
    As a result from this day forward I am completely cutting down on the amount of sugar I have in my tea, especially now that I will be joining Entyce Creative in June.

    Just to add; I have tracked how much tea I have had in one day, and in total this worked out to be

    a total of 32 spoons of sugar in one day. I don’t think this is that bad though, but apparently it is? I definitely do admit it is not normal to carry around sachets of sugar in my purse though (in case of an emergency I tell myself).