• Use Something - Buy Nothing

    Last week I set a challenge to go towards my Buy Nothing Day project. The brief was to create something out of ‘nothing’ and without buying anything…Explore the use of your old ‘junk’ and create something new and worth using, do something different, what are your interests, do you have a long or short term hobby? Below are some of my favourite responses. It was quite interesting to see how each differed and what each had each decided to create using something, without buying anything.

    Origami stars made from strips of coloured or patterned paper.
    - Vicky Hulme

    I tend to hoard things around in my room, not really having anywhere to put similar items, like nail varnish and make-up, or hairspray and dry shampoo. The logical thing for me to create seemed to be some sort of container to put things in where similar items would be together. A box was the simplest container i could think of, and set to work to construct this in a visually appealing way.
    - Kirsty McDonald

    I didn't buy a thing so it serves its purpose.
    - Emma Wilson

    An origami rose, I did not have to buy anything and it relates to one of my projects.
    - David Yates

    Last night I started looking around for what might be seen as "junk" that I've collected over the past few months. I hoard all sorts of printed things - you just never know when it might come in handy! I found piles of stuff and thought about cutting out letters from each piece - in an almost ransom note style. It makes me laugh now looking back at it; it shows how happy I was to be doing something not related to university work! I just went a little bit wild with the scissors, glue and random bits I've kept over the last few months.
    - Lorna Dee Evans

    I thought about a few different things but then I just thought about a phone dock/holder when i saw that my phone wasn't slipping off of the sandwich box I had on the table. Anyway it started to slip so i put in a ledge. But the angle of the box made it a perfect viewing point for the phone. I love my phone but have nowhere to put it so thought it would be a good idea to make this item.
    - Brandon Millard

    The plastic is part of an old greenhouse, and the lamp is an old one from IKEA. The lamp is a bit smashed on the other side, but did I throw it away? No. 
    - Alex Franklin