• Degree Show Preparation

    It has been such a relaxing week, smiles all around, everyone’s been getting on great and generally just a lot of sitting down has been going on. This is the first time this year we have had the opportunity to have so much fun and it has just been really great… 

    OKAY, this is what has really been happening…


    All week we have all been working really hard in preparation for our final degree show, and now we are only half way there. Next week we shall all be starting to put our exhibition work up, I am quite excited to see everyone’s hard work and perfect final pieces. Photographed is only the Graphic Design students, the show will be exhibiting work from Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design, and I predict the show will look fantastic, so do not forget to come along and take a look around.

    UNTITLED – University of Chester 2012 Art & Design Degree show

    Kingsway Buildings (Faculty of Arts and Media)
    21st June: 6pm – 9pm
    22nd – 28th June: 10am – 4pm