• Glyndwr Degree Show

    Glyndwr Degree Show 2012

    After going to see the work put on show at Glyndwr University last year, I was impressed with the level of work, so I did not hesitate about going to see it again this year.  All of the work on show was immense and each had a unique style to it, so it was really nice to see a range of new and different work. The show has now closed, so if you missed it, hopefully my photographs capture part of the show.

    My favourite piece on show was by Graphic Designer Nick Cox, with his identity design for Milk Media (above). I did not get much of a chance to look through his portfolio in detail at the show, but have taken a look online at his website. It's worth a look!
    I was actually drawn more to the interactive work on show. I find all of my current work is static, and this is what is missing from my portfolio at the moment, but this is something I am definitely hoping to explore more and achieve through doing the MA. 


    Other work on included print design, interactive design, illustration, photography and fine art. Obviously I have not photographed all work on show, because this post would be never ending with photographs, but I have tried to capture different shows, and ones that instantly caught my eye. Really great show!

    Make sure you do not miss our show at Chester. It is a once in a life time opportunity to see our work before we get famous, so do not miss it. 

    Show Details
    UNTITLED – University of Chester 2012 Art & Design Degree show
    Kingsway Buildings (Faculty of Arts and Media)
    21st June: 6pm – 9pm
    22nd – 28th June: 10am – 4pm