• Website/Branding Intentions

    Prior to finishing my degree, and before our final degree show I wanted some sort of website and online portfolio to showcase my work to potential employers or people who were just generally interested and wanted to see more of my work.

    Therefore I have decided I need to do something about this...

    • I would like to keep my website simple, keeping the focus on my work, but possibly display this differently. 
    • On my homepage I want to include something that lets viewers know about me a little more and what I do, without having to read my about me page.
    • More importantly, my branding is still pretty much non-consistent anywhere…

    My branding needs updating, I have received quite positive feedback about my logo and that it does represent me, being something that runs freely to create my initials, is clean, simple and feminine. I would possibly like to add some colour to this. In my opinion with the grey, it looks a bit doom and gloom?

    I would also like to do up my blog, having this relate to my website and branding rather than this current simple dynamic view which doesn't allow people to follow or comment on my posts.

    Any feedback would be gratefully received... Twitter:@nicholawatkiss

    Including this, what is a website and portfolio without a regular update of new work? There is some projects I worked on in university, which are not anywhere where to be seen online as of yet because they are not worthy of showing, although I would like to improve these, and include them. I have also been doing some freelance work, and have some more lined up.