• Branding - Albatross Clothing

    Freedom of creativity bringing the future of unique fashion

    At Albatross Clothing they have the desire to do things differently, and with the goal of changing the fashion retail industry in the UK.
    They offer a range of fitted styles with a number of unique prints which have been created especially by a number of talented individuals.

    With them working hard on the business side of things; I was asked by the creative director, and also a friend of mine, to help brand the business. They already had a clear idea of how they wanted the branding to look and what it was to represent, so I got to work and this is the final result.

    Items of clothing will be uploaded shortly, so keep an eye out here. To keep up to date with all the latest fashion you can also follow Albatross Clothing on Twitter or Facebook

    If you are a talented creative and feel you have work, or would like to create stylish that would look good on a range of clothing for Albatross, please email Albatross Clothing at  albatrossenquiries@gmail.com

    Only the very best is selected, and in return you as the designer are offered a percentage of the sales that your design, and clothing range makes.