• Super Organised

    Yes, this is a geeky blog post…but before you judge just me; Lorna actually sent me a message earlier this week to tell me she was excited for her stapler to arrive in the post, so I am not the only geeky person and I will proudly admit that I was excited for my new diary to arrive.
    I have been described as very ‘Anal’ I love to keep organised, write lists and keep on track with everything, which would probably explain why I have two calendars, a wall calendar, a fully scheduled colander on my iPad and phone as well as lists and notes to myself everywhere. This is not me in my full extent mode, but I won’t go on…
     I struggle to find a diary every year, I am really fussy; I hate small, spiral bound, cute or ones with rubbish designs on, and this usually results in me not buying one some years…. so after WHSmith were doing a 50% offer on their Filofax diary’s I had to get one. This should have cost £50, so I grabbed a good bargain, but more importantly, I will never have to struggle to buy a diary again because I can just buy the re-fill pages for it.