• MA Design Introduction Poster

    As most of you are probably aware from my excessive blog posts going on about starting the Masters, I start on Wednesday and we have been asked in preparation to design an A2 poster to introduce ourselves, inspiration, a brief description including our proposed investigation, initial thoughts on our practice and then include a couple examples of our work.

    Throughout the Masters in Design, I would initially like to investigate further within branding and question its value, and what businesses and designers perceptions are on this.

    I want to come up with design strategies and go beyond engaging with an audience in order for them to understand the values of branding and point out why it is important.
    This naturally leads me on to my discussion about my inspiration.  My first piece of inspiration was actually from BA Graphic Design student, Nick Cox. After visiting Glyndwr Degree Show last summer and looking at the students work who were on the same level was a real insight, and gave me a boost of motivation. I was really drawn to the interactive and digital work, and I felt at this point that I had possibly missed an opportunity, and felt then, I really had not stepped out of my comfort zone as much as I wished during my degree, and ultimately felt then even more that doing the Masters is perfect for me. 
    Getting straight to the point, without using professional terms; my current work so far is kind of ‘boring’ I feel it does not really stand out, and entering a highly competitive industry, it definitely needs to.
    Throughout the masters I want to explore new things, focusing and working more digitally, and have more authorship within my work.
    My second piece of inspiration ‘it’s a point of view’ is really intriguing. If you are reading this, and not seen this before; it involves a set of type that can only be read from a certain perspective ‘viewing point’ what I like most about this  the idea that it engages with an audience, and gets people involved within the work.