• Design Catch-Up

    A catch-up with one of my previous placement providers...

    With Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons being based in my hometown in Shropshire and having over 25 years of success; I decided to contact the company and ask if I could join their team of designers on placement prior to starting my degree in Graphic Design (this was three years ago). I was accepted and gladly took on the opportunity to join their graphic design department for five months.
    Lindstrand’s clients include Churchill Insurance, BT, Virgin, Nokia, Sloggi, and they also put together and built the concept of the flying caravan on BBC’s Top Gear a couple of years ago. 

    I had an amazing time whilst on placement there, and felt very much part of the team. My college at the time did not really have a specific design  based tutor, nor did I have the option to study design in school, which made this difficult for me to learn what I wanted about the industry, and at the time I remember feeling daunted by the thought of going to university and feared being the most inexperienced one.  
    Anyway, this was three years ago; I guess you are probably wondering why I am bringing this back up now?

    If you are not already aware, I am always quite active when it comes to using social media, it is such an easy way of getting yourself out there for others to see, and perfect for self-promotion. It so happens that after connecting on LinkedIn with the managing designer who taught me whilst I was on placement at Lindstrand, Rene, he had got back in touch and arranged for us to meet back up to have a catch-up. So on Friday we met up for cake and coffee, and I mainly got the chance to talk about my journey, what I had been up to over the past three years and what I am doing now. I also had the chance to hear more about my managing designer’s history from a different learning perspective, and we each exchanged advice.

    It was great to finally tell someone my full career ambitions without me getting over paranoid that I am being given the ‘in your dreams’ look. I have never actually sat down properly with anyone and had the chance to speak about it. It did me good to though and it made me think more about my options, and I needed to hear the thoughts in this from a professional’s perspective. 
    I have now almost decided the next step I need to take to be in the design career I want… and I actually have a really good feeling about this one. As much as I would love to take things slowly, and one step at a time, I just cannot do this... at the moment working in two very different design jobs, learning and gaining that vital industry experience is definitely what I need, and of course my part-time Masters degree; however, I have been looking at taking my next step down a different direction, I have been looking at the benefits of this and what I need to pursue the career I want. Parts of me are aware that things do come with time, yet my ambitions are telling me different. 

    What and who is to say what we can and cannot do with our career. It’s most definitely going to take a lot to stop me on my tracks anyway.