• Get Publicating!

    Having worked also as a freelance web designer for digital agency ‘Creative.’ and for the founder of Publicate for just over a month now…It had only occurred to me now that I have not yet actually publicised my profile to anyone, or shared it's amazing features with my fellow creative friends who are not yet on Publicate.

    Publicate makes it easy to organise and promote content online, showing off your CV and all of your creative inspiration and work in one place.
    It allows you to collect articles, photos, videos, audio and documents, and groups them into collections, which can be continually modified. It lets the creator pull in content from various networks, including YouTube, Vimeo… this is done in a similar way to Pinterest, only much better of course. 

    It is also great for businesses! Creative agency and Albatross are my only followers, feeling very popular right now as I am sure you can imagine.

    There’s much more in the works for the future of Publicate. What is released as of today is a highly-functional public Alpha, and it holds the potential to be the go-to destination for creative CVs on the Internet.
    Click here to Join Publicate!