• Graduation

    On Wednesday I finally graduated with a First Class Honours degree. I felt immensely happy throughout the whole ceremony and it was amazing to see everyone again after a long summer, and what felt like every other season separation. I had been excited for this day for weeks, and it was quite emotional to see the day come to an end.  I very much do intend to keep in touch with my closest university friends regardless, it really is a mystery to me how I am managing to cope without them as I take on my masters. They taught me the most, encouraged and supported me so much; however I made sure to make this up to them though by squishing them extra hard. I actually felt like one of the hugely proud parents watching Lorna and Al go up; but I won't get all soppy here...

    After the ceremony, I headed back to my home town to continue the celebrations at the pre-booked venue. It was quite exciting to see everyone there, with surprise balloons, cake, presents and definitely everything I could have possibly wanted. So far, it was definitely one of the best and most memorable days of my life.