• Green Pages Branding

    A couple of weeks ago, I designed the logo for Green Pages, which is a new start-up business aiming to bring together the resource for health and well-being, and spread awareness about healthy living. 

    I approached this design  from two perspectives; representing healthy living and growth as well as a directory and the use of the brand name ‘Green Pages’ I created a simple, yet modern symbol in which to represent both.
    One way of looking at this, signifying health and growth is the symbol of a geometric spurting plant to healthy living and an additional way of looking at this, is as though it is an open directory book containing green pages, representing the brand name.
    An option to re-christen the brand was available, however I strongly felt this was unnecessary. I came up with a range of concepts before-hand, however a decision was made today that this was the chosen favourite.

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