• What are you worth?

    I am loving this months’ issue of Creative Review, discussing money and questioning what we are worth as designers, and I have realised it is about finding the right balance. I find this especially useful for me being a freelance designer, I wondered whether I was underselling myself, sometimes perhaps over charging and questioned a lot what I ‘should’ be charging.

    With around 232,000 designers in the UK, I can only imagine this figure will continue to grow and competition will continue to be tough. The majority of designers start off as a freelance designer, at an average hourly rate of £18 in the UK.

    Starting off I was always super cautious of how much I charged for a job as I was wary that clients want value for money. I do now believe after reading the article, that I charge a reasonable price for my work.
    In the past I have worked on particular projects for free, however I have only taken on these types of projects knowing how beneficial it will be for me, what I will gain, and put into account how much I will enjoy working on the project. I have never worked on a project for free in order to do somebody a ‘favour’ and I never will…
    Yes, I have turned projects down before that has required a lot of my time and efforts, however are most definitely not offering to pay enough for the work involved. This being mainly because I could have been using my time to work on something else, however in this sense I do believe it is important to value your time and not work on projects for free if you have no real desire to gain anything from it.
    I used to take on every project I could because I feared missing an opportunity; however in time I have learnt I was not really gaining much or improving my development in doing so.  The article really got me thinking, and it was a reminder of how important it is to value yourself.
    Overall though, a good read, I would definitely recommend buying this month’s issue.