• Brand Ambassador

    I am now officially a Brand Ambassador for Publicate, and I have also been lucky enough to be selected to have my design work and collections featured on the front sign up page underneath the ‘Creatives’ and ‘Students’ example of a collection to follow. 

    I mainly use Publicate for sharing and collecting creative inspiration, and research from others also in the creative industry.
    I think it is a brilliant way of organising and displaying all my creative work in a visual portfolio, and whether I am at home, work or in university I like to login and add found pieces or research to my collections which I can refer back to at a later time.

    I also like to be organised, so having separate collections helps me to organise my inspiration into categories, and more importantly share specific collections with other designers through social media, others on my course and clients. I find it is perfect for group projects and a great way to gather opinions and constructive feedback.