• New Plans

    Yesterday myself, Alice and Alex all met up to get our plans out, and to offer as much as we could to each other. Alex, Founder and Director of Albatross Clothing had much to offer both me and Alice, who have been opening up our options, and have been considering an entrepreneurial career move.

    Things seem to be happening very fast at the moment. A few months back, I received an investment offer on a product I had created, however in terms of what I would receive in return were not fantastic, and I felt I could certainly get more out of this new product if I was to manage it myself. My intuition was right, and there are currently a few ideas on the table for expanding the idea much further. Alex has helped me get in touch with the right contacts, and a partner who will help keep the plan on track.

    This is going to be something I intend to do on the side from what I am currently doing, and additional future aims. I cannot help but find the whole idea very exciting now. I feel that I am currently at the perfect stage, and really do not have much to lose, so anything is undoubtedly worth a try.