• New Year’s Resolutions 2013

    Rather than having a specific New Year’s resolution, I have decided to list a few things I wish to do this year. There is definitely so much I want to achieve.

    Be more positive
    The most important one, I need to more positive and believe in myself a little more. Things can be tough at times and it is hard to remember nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and I do tend to kick myself a lot for this. 

    Organise my time more sufficiently 
    Three months into my Masters degree and I still have not found the ideal working balance between my course work, agency and freelance work.
    I want to get the very most out of my course and the only way this is going to be possible, is to devote some more time to it and organise my time more sufficiently.

    Take on a placement or Internship
    I have been thinking more lately about my career and I have been looking into Art Direction.
    I am currently working as a freelance designer for a few agencies in the North West and North Wales which means I can currently take up some of my time to do a placement or an internship.

    After Craig Oldham had visited my university to talk to us all, he inspired me to ‘only do what I want to do, and more importantly work only where I want to work’. I have so far started doing some research and looking around at some agencies in the North West and London. 

    Art Direction course
    In June, I wish to take up an Art Direction course, which is being held in London and organised by the D&AD. The course is going to be a single, intensive day of inspiration and enquiry, which is led by one of the most successful Art Directors in the UK (and the world). 

    I intend to re-do my website, and work on my branding, which I have been meaning to do for some time. I also wish to blog more about my work in progress and continue to improve and work on my design work, learning through others suggestions.
    I also need to continue keeping my LinkedIn and other forms of my design social media updated, however I am already pretty good at this…

    Enter for this year’s D&AD Awards
    I want something fresh for my portfolio and something I can be really proud of and talk about. I have not yet achieved this through recent agency or freelance work since graduating, as I have found the design work tends to be more client-led in this respect. ‘Make Your Mark’ is open to recent graduates and anyone under the age of 26. 

    Keep up to date with industry news
    I believe it is important to keep up to date with everything else that is going on in the industry and also to keep up to date with social trends and the news, however recently I have not allowed myself as much time as I would wish to take some time to read. I read Creative Review and have so far started to keep more up to date with Design Week, Design Observer, Brand Republic and The Guardian updates however I want to continue at this, and aim to read much more.

    Last, but certainly not least - Allow myself to take some time off
    I need to remember to take some time out from design work. I never used to believe this would be beneficial, and recently I have found myself working late most nights and feeling quite guilty for taking a day off. I have learnt it is good to take some time out now and again, and the only way of coming up with new and fresh ideas.