• 4Designers Conference

    Last Monday and Tuesday me and Vicky acted as responsible members of staff for the first year students and attended the 4Designers conference in London.

    The first part of the conference we had speakers Jim and Gareth from Hat-Trick and Neil from Howdy, and the second part we had Jen McAleer from Start JudgeGill and Kerry Roper and Rob Siemerink from DARE. As much as I was already aware of their work for such big brans, it was really interesting to hear them speak about it as well as hear how they had each won each of their jobs and all the ideas and research behind the work too. It was also great to hear their experiences and how as graduates they had started off.
    There have been a few things I have been questioning about my career, one of them was going into business, and another was being a woman in the industry and the possible chance of wanting to start a family in the future, which had been a regular question that had popped up during interviews. This was covered in the conference by Jen and we had spoken to her also at the end, where she offered us lots of advice around this.

    I have also been considering going into business, and after hearing the speakers it certainly encouraged me to think about my options. I would like to work within a company first however and learn much more beforehand as at the moment I do not feel completely ready to start-up. The best bit of advice I took away from the conference though was to explore the industry and use every opportunity and bit of experience as a positive one. Working in an agency beforehand is a great way to learn the fundamentals of running a business, and also whether starting up your own business is actually the correct decision.

    I was also one of the lucky few to get a card at the end from Kerry Roper!