• MA Update

    Over the past few months I have been heavily working on my Master’s coursework (Collaboration).

    I was also fortunate enough to collaborate with a fantastic packaging designer from well-known supermarket during this. This was quite an exciting experience for me and I learnt a lot about the food industry and food packaging design.

    In a consumer hungry environment, where brands have little confidence in being inventive I wanted to discover how the food industry works.

    Throughout this we challenged how easy it is to copy leading brands by not following suit and instead decided to break the rules a little. Firstly we decided to both separately re-design a pack of Jaffa cakes; and tried to create something consumers would not usually expect to see on the shelves of a supermarket. This involved quite a large amount of work and only so much I can share online at this stage; however here’s a little sneak look at something I came up with.