• I have not had a lot of free creative time to myself for while, I’ve been super busy with my job, Masters coursework and our new bunny rabbit of course, which explains why I have been ignoring this blog for a while.

    For Easter my boyfriend and I thought we would do something a little different for Easter this year and make something for all the kids to have. (We’ve also bought them all an egg too because you can never have enough chocolate).

    To create them I used some old plain egg boxes and designed some labels to stick on top of the boxes.  Five of them are for girls so this was relatively easy to use the same template and similar style, however Ollie is a boy and probably wouldn’t appreciate a floral design, so kept his label quite simple with a little bird to represent spring time.

  • Following on from my recent post where I designed two Tribal patterns that worked together; I decided to take this forward and create chocolate packaging out of this. These are ideal for a gift.

  • Over the past few months I have been heavily working on my Master’s coursework (Collaboration).

    I was also fortunate enough to collaborate with a fantastic packaging designer from well-known supermarket during this. This was quite an exciting experience for me and I learnt a lot about the food industry and food packaging design.

    In a consumer hungry environment, where brands have little confidence in being inventive I wanted to discover how the food industry works.

    Throughout this we challenged how easy it is to copy leading brands by not following suit and instead decided to break the rules a little. Firstly we decided to both separately re-design a pack of Jaffa cakes; and tried to create something consumers would not usually expect to see on the shelves of a supermarket. This involved quite a large amount of work and only so much I can share online at this stage; however here’s a little sneak look at something I came up with. 

  • A few weeks ago me, David and a few more graduates from the University of Chester art faculty were invited to speak to the undergraduates about our experiences since university, what we have been up to, and currently doing. This is now the second year I have attended and both have been quite successful.

    The event had a mixture of creative participants including those from Performing Arts and Dance, who discussed their experiences and how they work as a freelancer, which was quite interesting.
  • I came across a competition on Print & Patterns blog a few weeks ago which was to design two patterns. In my job I have recently been introduced to designing patterns, and this is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Only recently I have noticed a gradual improvement from when I first began working with patterns 10 months ago, to how I work now.

    I wanted to create something trendy; therefore I based my designs around tribal patterns. These two pattern designs were mainly created based on my own personal taste in style and colours.

  • A few weeks back I worked on some adverts, flyers and theatre programme for the production Some Paradise organised by Chester Performs. I have worked for Chester Performs many times in the past on projects, and jumped at the chance when I was asked again.

    This year’s design was based on a production set in the Caribbean; I chose to use simple illustrated vectors to tell the story of this throughout the advertising material.
  • Apart from enjoying the sun and forcing myself to have a social life and a bit of a break, I have still been pretty busy in my “spare time” over the past couple of months. 

    My probationary period at work has now also come to an end and I have been offered a permanent post, including this I have taken on a few extra projects, also working with Chester Performs again on the branding promotion material, advertising and theatre programme for this year’s young theatre production ‘Some Paradise’, which is on show this weekend and Monday. 

    Before this I had been busy completing the last of the first part of my Masters coursework, which I will be updating my MA blog about shortly. Having now received my results, I am delighted to have passed the year and now enrolled to complete the final year of it in October. 

    Which I guess would all explain my lack of blogging...