• Instead of using the lights, I have come up with a new idea, and decided to now paint the mouths and give them more of a hand made feel. To this I will add collaged cut out letters for the typography and add a textured material to the background.

  • For my next poster, I need the main image to be a mouth, although I am undecided whether to use one of these stencil light mouths.  I created the stencil first, set my camera up and then used a torch to shine the light through. I think if I use these on my final poster, I may do the same with the typography too.

  • Whilst visiting the show to get some photographs of my work on display, I took a look around the show.

    They had some nice flowers on sale and I especially liked this florescent pink stem flower, which I decided to buy.
    They also had competitions going on at the show. One was for the children where they had to create little creatures and animals out of fruit and vegetables. I thought these were amazing. Both of these were awarded first and second prize, but all of the creatures and animals were good, and I wish I had taken more photographs of them.