• Apart from enjoying the sun and forcing myself to have a social life and a bit of a break, I have still been pretty busy in my “spare time” over the past couple of months. 

    My probationary period at work has now also come to an end and I have been offered a permanent post, including this I have taken on a few extra projects, also working with Chester Performs again on the branding promotion material, advertising and theatre programme for this year’s young theatre production ‘Some Paradise’, which is on show this weekend and Monday. 

    Before this I had been busy completing the last of the first part of my Masters coursework, which I will be updating my MA blog about shortly. Having now received my results, I am delighted to have passed the year and now enrolled to complete the final year of it in October. 

    Which I guess would all explain my lack of blogging...
  • A couple of months ago I finally treated myself to a digital SLR for my work. Taking some time away from work however and having had such a great summer so far, I have been quite snap happy with it. They’re really not the most creative of photography shots to be honest, however I thought I would still share. 

  • This is a bit of a late post; however I have been preoccupied with the lovely weather and other things. In May, me and David went along to Light Night in Liverpool. This was an arts and culture night filled with spectacular light projections, street theatre, open studios, live music and hands-on workshops. It was great and different to see.