• One week later, and this is as far as I have got with changing my website, logo and business cards. (Not very far) I am yet to design my own logo, but for now I have changed the basics and will continue working on this from here and updating it with new work. I have removed some of my old college, first year and second year work, because by the end of the year I aim to have mainly everything just from my final year and after within my portfolio. This will question the ability of my design work and its standard if I have to show lower level design work without a good reason.
    I may keep my Tip Top Productions work up from last year, as this was a competition between all of the second and third year Graphic Design students to re-design the theatre logo, which my logo design won. Other than this, I intend to completely update it.
  • For some time now, it has bugged me that my current business cards and website have completely different designs on them. This is because I am yet to design my own logo and create my own identity. I know already, a logo is not just a ‘logo’ and that there is a lot to consider when branding something…which is something I would like to apply when branding myself and creating my own unique identity. Last Wednesday we were fortunate enough to hear from a guest speaker Lisa Mise in University. She is currently studying an MA there and has already experienced what it is like in the industry and worked on live briefs in relation to branding and corporate identity. (It was really good to listen, and why not if I also want to specialise in branding and do an MA afterwards!) This is why I think it is really important to create my own identity. In order to do this I plan to focus on finding out my attributes and my perception. I would also like to demonstrate my style of work into my logo too. Once I have done this, I intend on applying my logo to all my promotional materials, such as my website, business cards and maybe even this blog? I intend on making a start on this over the Christmas break, and hopefully have something to show for it too.

  • At the moment we are at the very initial stages of developing a business plan, which is to be presented in front of a panel of judges the second week back after Christmas, and so far this is our brand logo that I got to design for our business.
    Me and my team have decided to have an online greeting cards and gift website set up by year three of our plan. We still have quite a lot of work to do on this before the final presentation, and I must admit, this definitely is not one of my strongest subjects… therefore at the moment I am finding it very confusing. Hopefully this will all be made clear once I get more into it and start learning more about setting up a business….but otherwise, I will just try my best.

  • I have mentioned many times, that we had two weeks to form ideas and put together some designs for an exhibition piece. Although I realised I had not yet actually put up my initial design ideas, or explained what my idea is. My idea here is to give each department an individual colour, and to express the colour on walls and doors of the surrounding area. I also focused on the site way finding and the lack of signage on the campus, and how difficult it is for new people or visitors to navigate around the campus, so I therefore went with creating something similar to a floor map (and map app) The idea of the floor map was to have each individual key colour lead from reception to the individual department studios. This is just a small proportion of my visuals, and to make this clearer I demonstrated the design through the site map, showing the key colours. We now have until February to continue to form ideas, and I have a few more in mind...

  • Over the past couple of months we have been working in groups or as individuals to find new ways of improving our Art and Design campus and to give it a personal identity. After a range of research and ideas and together we have formed some final concepts.
    So, we spent today setting up the exhibition and getting it all prepared for our opening on Monday. The exhibition is open for everyone to come along and see, and the idea is that people leave us some feedback on our ideas and let us know what they think of them.

  • We got the chance to explore our interests in Uni on Monday, this took a huge amount of my brain usuage. Most of us had decided that 'we no longer have time to have interests, beause we are given too much Uni work' Or this was what we told our lecturer anyway. But, we 'finally' came up with some ideas and just a couple of mine were my love for owls, music, writing, collecting clothes labels, eating food (an obvious one) and playing sports. Which I know longer do, because I have became lazy since starting Uni. After we had all put together a list of all of our interests, we then thought of things we would like to achieve and learn by the end of the year, before linking these two together and thinking of some personal projects that we would like to work on. I combined writing and owls together, and so far I have decided to do a project on the art of hand written letters. Although, I am yet to think of some more ideas, so hopefully I will come up with some new ideas and projects to work on. I am definitely looking forward to starting this module properly after Christmas.
  • Over the past couple of months, one of my projects in University has been to rebrand our Art and Design campus. After a range of research, in a couple of weeks we as a year group have had to put together some final concepts which will go on display in the gallery on Monday. For the exhibiton I worked on some promotional material for the exhibition and this is the poster design and flyer that I have came up with. The 3D abstract building on this represents the outside front reception area of Kingsway. The purpose of this is to advertise it in order to get people from the campus to come along and see our ideas and hopefully give us some feedback on what they think. Once my exhibition piece has been printed, I intend to do another blog post showing my ideas.

  • Me, Lorna, Alice and Alex decided to go along to WA Creative a few weeks back. It is a design conference that took place in Warrington at the Pyramid. This was my first time and I really enjoyed it there. We met some fantastic people. The evening started off with some drinks, before seating to hear the design conference. Afterwards we had the chance to take a look around, at the pieces of Art on display there and mingle with some professional people. Overall it was a really good experience and I have signed up to attend more of these design events. There is one happening next Wednesday, which reminded me to post about the last conference. Me and Lorna are hoping to attend this one again too.

  • Yesterday, me and Lorna decided to visit the Blackpool Comedy Carpet, after seeing an issue about it in Creative Review. It was really good to look at, and we coould have spent days there reading all of the quotes. 

  • In order to design the logo for Shropshire Honey,  I wanted a honey bee included within the design to show the honey’s pure goodness. To begin with, this resulted in drawing the honey bee, and getting it perfect. I drew a variety of bees and after many attempts this was my final logo design, which will now be included on the packaging for the Honey.

  • Instead of using the lights, I have come up with a new idea, and decided to now paint the mouths and give them more of a hand made feel. To this I will add collaged cut out letters for the typography and add a textured material to the background.

  • For my next poster, I need the main image to be a mouth, although I am undecided whether to use one of these stencil light mouths.  I created the stencil first, set my camera up and then used a torch to shine the light through. I think if I use these on my final poster, I may do the same with the typography too.

  • Whilst visiting the show to get some photographs of my work on display, I took a look around the show.

    They had some nice flowers on sale and I especially liked this florescent pink stem flower, which I decided to buy.
    They also had competitions going on at the show. One was for the children where they had to create little creatures and animals out of fruit and vegetables. I thought these were amazing. Both of these were awarded first and second prize, but all of the creatures and animals were good, and I wish I had taken more photographs of them.

  • Chester Show was definitely worth going to, lots of different things from all Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design students. I loved the displays and especially their portfolios, which I thought were the most professional out of the four degree shows I went to.