• I need an Identity

    For some time now, it has bugged me that my current business cards and website have completely different designs on them. This is because I am yet to design my own logo and create my own identity. I know already, a logo is not just a ‘logo’ and that there is a lot to consider when branding something…which is something I would like to apply when branding myself and creating my own unique identity. Last Wednesday we were fortunate enough to hear from a guest speaker Lisa Mise in University. She is currently studying an MA there and has already experienced what it is like in the industry and worked on live briefs in relation to branding and corporate identity. (It was really good to listen, and why not if I also want to specialise in branding and do an MA afterwards!) This is why I think it is really important to create my own identity. In order to do this I plan to focus on finding out my attributes and my perception. I would also like to demonstrate my style of work into my logo too. Once I have done this, I intend on applying my logo to all my promotional materials, such as my website, business cards and maybe even this blog? I intend on making a start on this over the Christmas break, and hopefully have something to show for it too.