• After reading one of Alice’s blog posts it gave me the most amazing idea of putting together a few samples of my work together for a presentation.  This was less of a formal presentation and more of a casual chat, so anything as much as taking along my portfolio would have been too much. This was a perfect way of showing my work and discussing it informally. If you have an iPad I would definitely recommend presenting samples of work this way. Of course, if it was anything as much as an interview, I would have taken my portfolio, and some of my printed produced items in order to give a clear idea of paper stock choices and a real feel for the final production of my work.
    It was also handy to share images away from my portfolio, including work in progress, and current things I am working on which is not quite portfolio finish. This gave a clear idea of my working process and how I get through the stages whilst designing. 

    Other than this, I have been keeping myself busy. I have recently got another job as a freelance web designer, which I also design for branding and print, social media, and e-flyers/brochures. The work at the moment is quite demanding, so lately other than sleeping, I have just been working. 

    Yesterday I also started my Masters degree, I was overly nervous about starting; meeting new people, my project, and whether I would struggle on the course or not, although after the introduction it was nice to hear we are offered some support, and tutorials along the way, so I will not be left completely on my own as I had imagined. My group is quite small, being only three of us on the course; both seem very nice, and most definitely talented. I am the only one that entered this year with only just completing my degree, so both have had much more industry experience, which is brilliant, and the kind of the people I need to be around. I still feel I have miles to go before I will get where I want to be as a designer. I am sure to enjoy the freedom and space to think and develop whilst on the course though.

    I am sure to keep my blog up to date whilst undertaking my studies anyway, so be sure to read. I need to somehow add the blogger option to allow others to comment, once I work this out, I would love to hear any comments or thoughts on my work, or additionally send me an email. I will always respond.

    It’s not all work; in a few weeks I am off to Paris to celebrate my graduation, I am very excited. My proposed literature review happens to be the day after I get back, so I will have to make sure I keep on track. I am very excited to take a few days off though.

  • As most of you are probably aware from my excessive blog posts going on about starting the Masters, I start on Wednesday and we have been asked in preparation to design an A2 poster to introduce ourselves, inspiration, a brief description including our proposed investigation, initial thoughts on our practice and then include a couple examples of our work.

    Throughout the Masters in Design, I would initially like to investigate further within branding and question its value, and what businesses and designers perceptions are on this.

    I want to come up with design strategies and go beyond engaging with an audience in order for them to understand the values of branding and point out why it is important.
    This naturally leads me on to my discussion about my inspiration.  My first piece of inspiration was actually from BA Graphic Design student, Nick Cox. After visiting Glyndwr Degree Show last summer and looking at the students work who were on the same level was a real insight, and gave me a boost of motivation. I was really drawn to the interactive and digital work, and I felt at this point that I had possibly missed an opportunity, and felt then, I really had not stepped out of my comfort zone as much as I wished during my degree, and ultimately felt then even more that doing the Masters is perfect for me. 
    Getting straight to the point, without using professional terms; my current work so far is kind of ‘boring’ I feel it does not really stand out, and entering a highly competitive industry, it definitely needs to.
    Throughout the masters I want to explore new things, focusing and working more digitally, and have more authorship within my work.
    My second piece of inspiration ‘it’s a point of view’ is really intriguing. If you are reading this, and not seen this before; it involves a set of type that can only be read from a certain perspective ‘viewing point’ what I like most about this  the idea that it engages with an audience, and gets people involved within the work.

  • With less than a week to go before I start my Masters, on Thursday evening, being in Chester already I thought I would go in and check out the Masters of Arts showcase of work. Originally I thought this would be Design, Photography and Art, although later learnt the show this year was only displaying work of those from Fine Art. However, it was still awesome to see and some great things on show.
    Here is a few of my favourite picks from the show…

    I thought this handmade stitched type was really nice. Different sentences ranged across a number of handmade products; this included chairs, cushions and ironing boards.

     I really liked this door filled up with furniture. It initially reminded me of moving house and moving furniture from room to room, which can be stressful when the furniture is too big. 

    This is only my personal interpretation of the work having not had the opportunity on the evening to speak to any of the artist, although it is clear that the artists involved in the show did a great deal of work to get these results. Definitely worth checking out if you happen to be about in Chester.