• Kitbag Website Design

    Further to my recent freelance branding project for Kitbag, I am now currently working on the website. Kitbag is a specialist counselling and family support service for the military community who provide confidential counselling service to young people aged 14 and above. Their main intentions are to help families identify their support network and provide an advocacy service.

    A website is an important aspect of any business. Millions of people are online and having a modern and up to date website will help your business grow. Visiting clients and customers will take your business more seriously, and this will allow them to be approached in a more professional manner. Ideally you must have a professional website if you want your business to be taken seriously, because your site needs to make a good impression.
    This is an initial concept, and not the final website. The lower level pages will open up in a similar way to the homepage, and the website will be consistent with the branding symbol.

    In order to reach out to an even wider audience, additionally; I am working with the business owner and helping them get a blog up and running along with a social networking site.