• iPad Presentation

    After reading one of Alice’s blog posts it gave me the most amazing idea of putting together a few samples of my work together for a presentation.  This was less of a formal presentation and more of a casual chat, so anything as much as taking along my portfolio would have been too much. This was a perfect way of showing my work and discussing it informally. If you have an iPad I would definitely recommend presenting samples of work this way. Of course, if it was anything as much as an interview, I would have taken my portfolio, and some of my printed produced items in order to give a clear idea of paper stock choices and a real feel for the final production of my work.
    It was also handy to share images away from my portfolio, including work in progress, and current things I am working on which is not quite portfolio finish. This gave a clear idea of my working process and how I get through the stages whilst designing. 

    Other than this, I have been keeping myself busy. I have recently got another job as a freelance web designer, which I also design for branding and print, social media, and e-flyers/brochures. The work at the moment is quite demanding, so lately other than sleeping, I have just been working. 

    Yesterday I also started my Masters degree, I was overly nervous about starting; meeting new people, my project, and whether I would struggle on the course or not, although after the introduction it was nice to hear we are offered some support, and tutorials along the way, so I will not be left completely on my own as I had imagined. My group is quite small, being only three of us on the course; both seem very nice, and most definitely talented. I am the only one that entered this year with only just completing my degree, so both have had much more industry experience, which is brilliant, and the kind of the people I need to be around. I still feel I have miles to go before I will get where I want to be as a designer. I am sure to enjoy the freedom and space to think and develop whilst on the course though.

    I am sure to keep my blog up to date whilst undertaking my studies anyway, so be sure to read. I need to somehow add the blogger option to allow others to comment, once I work this out, I would love to hear any comments or thoughts on my work, or additionally send me an email. I will always respond.

    It’s not all work; in a few weeks I am off to Paris to celebrate my graduation, I am very excited. My proposed literature review happens to be the day after I get back, so I will have to make sure I keep on track. I am very excited to take a few days off though.