• Project Update

    It has been pretty full on with work since Christmas if I am honest; unless it just feels this way after I had taken a week or so away from my work over the holidays?

    At the start of January I was working majorly on my MA work, which fortunately paid off and I passed both of my first two assignments. Since then I have taken on lots of new freelance projects and completing freelance work for some companies I work with.

    One of my most recent projects is a website design for a Van Hire company. I will next be working on some album art work designs for The Wondersmiths, and yesterday I had taken on another little project, which is a little bit secret at the moment; involving bras.

    I promised myself I would enter some of this year’s design awards including the D&AD ‘Make Your Mark’ brief; once I am on top of things I want to start working on my ideas for this again, and pick up more where I left off with getting my product on the market, researching and finding the right printing and manufacturing contacts.

    Time seems to be going fast; I cannot believe I only have 12 weeks of my MA course left of this year.  I can only imagine the next few months are going to begin getting a little stressful. I have lots to look forward to this next upcoming week, however. One includes being a guest speaker at Creative
    Worlds on Wednesday and a three day trip to the 4Designers Conference in London next Sunday.