• Rogues' Sneak Preview

    Rogues' Galleries is now open in Chester for 11 days until March 24th. It really is a must see, lots of different groups of fantastic performances, installations and digital artists are taking over the high street. Each of the artists have taken the names of old trades, guilds and shops, the Rogues have created a mix of performance and installation works.

    In a City with some of the oldest shopping streets in the country, Rogues’ Galleries sets out to celebrate the independence of thought and artistry that make up our communities.  It will also address the struggles the high street has with homogeneous brands and the effect this has on original thought.

    Inhabiting previously empty shops in and around Chester City Centre, the artists involved have all responded to a brief to celebrate Chester’s long and rich history as a shopping city. Rogues’ Galleries is now open to the public and people are invited to explore the shops and artworks at their own pace.