• University of Chester Degree Show 2012

    University of Chester Degree Show 2012 – Untitled
    Showcasing students work from Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design.

    If you were unable to make it to the show, feel free to take a nosey at some of the photographs I have taken. As a little souvenir, I managed to collect one of everyone’s business cards on show before they were all taken. It’s nice looking at the business cards together, it helps define the difference in each of our design styles. 

    Above is my exhibition, you can read more about it here.

    I really liked this piece by Mike Goldsworthy , It has had a really good response!

    I could not really pin point a favourite from Graphic Design, each were different and worked in their own way, we all worked really hard so I think we each deserve equal recognition in my opinion. 

    I really liked the idea of this poster by Alice Nester. This was a self-negotiated brief and one that was personal to her with what she intends to do after her Graphic Design degree. The poster was encouraging those to foster a child, and the illustration on the poster is really effective and caught my eye straight away. The sweets went down a treat too...

    We loved this piece from Fine Art!