• Creating my Identity

    I have took my time with this to be honest, although I had the idea of how I wanted my logo to look, it would never work as freely as I wanted it to. I got there in the end, even if it meant scanning in a hand drawn illustration of this, which allowed me to begin working on it from there.
    My logo stands for 'nw' which is obviously my initials; I have included the colour and black and white version of this - although I am not fully there with creating an identity  for myself yet, I still need to apply my identity to my online portfolio, this blog, and create business cards, although I just thought I would show you all my progress so far.

    Once I have finished my BA I want to set up an actual website, rather to just an online portfolio of my work, unless of course I can find the time between now and finishing my degree to set up a website, but I very much doubt as I am sure this will take up a lot of my brain power. I am happy to present my online portfolio for now, because it serves a purpose and does what I want it to do.
    My website will be more about starting up some freelance work and something that can present me more professionally.  I think once I have done this my identity will be more complete.
    After speaking to my tutor too, I have decided I would also like to set up something separate for my MA and project. I am thinking possibly another blog; although I have not really thought much about this yet. I definitely agree it is a good idea though, something that will represent what I want to specialise in rather that a random mixture of all the work I have completed, it will also help me focus primarily on this.