• Identity Stamp #2

    I am genuinely excited about this stamp, and have so far pretty much stamped everywhere and everything with my logo. Since being slightly disappointed with the previous stamp I had ordered from the EnglishStamp Company, I continued my search and came across a website, which was slightly less straightforward and involved physically emailing the design over, although there were much more options (including the choice in size) which The English Stamp company did not offer and the service and arrival was super-fast. I went for 70mm X70mm stamp option. So my stamp is great big, and perfect for what I want it for. I have added a stamp to the CV I am sending off (although within the photographs, the stamp is a little off centre, I went through about 10 envelopes getting this right but I got there in the end).

    The website is great; it also offers personalised wax seals and embossing presses...which I think I might just have to get next.