• D&AD - Make Your Mark

    The one employer I have always wanted to grab the attention of, and the one I admire most; The Chase. Based on their philosophy “There was once an old Indian craftsman who carved elephants from blocks of timber. When asked how he did it, he would simply reply, “I just cut away the wood that doesn’t look like an elephant”. I have incorporated this philosophy within my pack. This is subjective and is read and interpreted differently by each individual. I read this as a way of focusing on what is most important, and within my pack this would be my portfolio. I have included the set of tools and bolts within my portfolio to give this a sense of crafting to get to it and see what is inside.

    I want to continue further to postgraduate level to specialise in branding, including this I promote myself as the designer as author for The Chase, and include what makes me different. The Chase has no recognisable house-style, and they are quite open minded so although I would like to work there as I want to specialise in branding too, they are after individual designers that can each offer something different.

    I set myself a brief that would introduce the kind of designer I am. I enjoy and am best at experimenting with typography and therefore incorporated my passion for branding into this. I chose to re-create branding quotes that inspire me most and put this together and promote myself through a Monograph (which is usually found in subscribers copies of Creative Review).

    Before you slate; in completion, I only spent a week and a half on the whole of this because I later decided that I actually wanted to meet the deadline. Probably the tightest and most stressful deadline to date. Now after ignoring the rest of the modules, it's safe to say I have a lot of catching up to do. (Including the dissertation draft that I need to email back by tonight, but instead writing this blog post) Procrastination.