• D&AD Rain Poster

    This was a short and quick D&AD brief set by Erik Kessels (of KesselsKramer) to celebrate his D&AD North lecture that is taking place at Manchester Conference Centre on April 5th 7pm
    It always rains in our country, so the brief was to design a poster that promotes rain. I am not a big fan of rain to be honest, because it is just cold and it makes my hair fluffy so this was quite difficult for me...However; after some serious thinking... I realised there were lots of positive things about rain.

    “Don't be sarcastic. After all rain can be romantic, useful and beautiful." - Erik Kessels
    Although I have already submitted the PDF of this, I do still want to create some screen prints from this. My artwork is all set up now and ready to print, so I am hoping to pop in sometime next week to get these finished and printed.