• Future Plans and Advice

    Last week I took part in a competitive interview project which was set to selected candidates who had made it through to this final stage of the process. The brief was to integrate these two used company brands together in order to create a template pack to give to an interviewee more knowledge on the company applied.  Below is a very small part of my completed project.

    There was a mix of us that took part in the final stage, including designers that have worked within the industry for more than 20 years with much greater experience; however I tried not to let this put me off.
    I received positive feedback on my presented project idea and portfolio of work, and although I was youngest and the most inexperienced, I was called back to be told the direct manager could see a great deal of potential and believed if we worked together I could develop and be at a required level, however he also noted that he could see some uncertaincy between myself and the role I was going for, and he questioned me if this is where I had seen myself in my creative career, as they are looking for longevity. After a considerable amount of consideration, unfortunately I decided this was not the right role for me, and we both agreed I would benefit more joining a creative house and develop my creative side being surrounded by a big team of design professionals.

    He suggested I stay away from small agencies and aim for the bigger and well established agencies in order to get the most out of my career, and offered much more great advice in order to get my foot in the door to make this possible.  I found our discussion motivating and it was a real eye-opener.
     I have learnt more in the past two weeks about my career direction than I have done for the past seven months following the completion of my degree. I guess this may because I finally feel happy and as though I am getting somewhere and improving my development. There was a few things holding me back and I let insecurities of leaving a position and being left completely without hold me back from doing what I really wanted to be doing. I learnt I am still young and I have so much more to go for than being in a position which I was at the time that does not really have much to offer me.

    It certainly is difficult landing the perfect graduate job, and I feel if I was not in the position I am right now with my freelance agency work and studies I would have no doubt accepted the position. I am probably not in a great position to offer any advice, however I would personally suggest to graduates in the same position as myself that to keep seeking and do not settle for somewhere you are not entirely happy to work. Question yourself and the reasons for taking on a design degree, and try not to turn down any freelance work whilst you are seeking.
    Secondly, nobody should ‘expect’ to work for free either. I have been reading into lots of advice given to graduates lately, and this seems to be the most common one to pop up. If you are going to take on an unpaid role for an agency however,  I would suggest to make sure it is one you have a great deal of desire to work for and want to gain experience with.