• Buy Nothing Day

    After being selected as one of the first three designers to complete the first design brief for the Creative Times, our brief was to design a symbol that would represent ‘Buy Nothing Day’.

    The symbol must work in a single colour to ease reproduction.
    It should work globally and transcend cultural boundaries as much as possible (reflecting and galvanizing BND’s international following).
    It should be easy to paint by hand onto various home-made protest materials (including banners, signage and clothing).
    It should be anti-corporate but not crude. Simple yet intelligent. Bold but smart.
    My approach to designing a symbol for Buy Nothing Day was one that would simply educate those about Buy Nothing Day by focusing on one of the reasons for this day. Everything we buy has an effective impact on the environment. My concept highlights the environmental consequences of consumerism. Developed countries alone (20% of the world population) are consuming over 80% of the earth's natural resources. Although this takes place over one day, internationally 26th November my poster; with the symbol in context highlights such changes, and that they are a continuous problem and with this, these crucial changes need to be put into effect for more than one day.